Luis Carpio-Govea
Articles on Disaster Risk Reduction

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DocumentClimate Change ThreatOn the role of water in DRR
DocumentDealing with DisastersOn sharing experiences and lessons learnt in DRR in Greater Caribbean
DocumentDebby Does NothingOn the 2006 Hurricane Season
DocumentDisaster Reduction in Media AgeOn the role of the media in DRR
DocumentEngendering Fresh PerspectivesOn a gender perspective for DRR
DocumentIn Harms WayOn the 2007 Hurricane Season and climate change
DocumentMade in Japan, Commitments for Disaster ReductionOn the Hyogo Framework for Action
DocumentNot in our StarsMore on the ACS High-Level Conference on DRR
DocumentPlatforms for Disaster ReductionMore on the Global Platform for DRR
DocumentReducing Disasters in CaribbeanOn the Global Platform for DRR
DocumentRough SeasonOn the ACS radio soap opera on disaster preparedness
DocumentSuccess in AyitiOn the ACS High-Level Conference on DRR
DocumentSurviving Nature in the GC, GuardianOn international and regional cooperation for DRR
DocumentSurviving Science, Politics of Climate ChangeOn the effects of the science and politics of Climate Change for Greater Caribbean
DocumentWhats in a NameMore on the 2006 Hurricane Season
DocumentSurviving Nature,A regional ApproachOn adaptation to climate change for DRR
DocumentA Changing Climate for Disaster ReductionOn the effects of climate change and the importance of adaptation