Project management is an extremely complex task which requires ample technical experience, great emotional intelligence and even leadership and diplomatic skills. This complexity increases when the project is financed by external donors, particularly when these are international.


The success of any project is inextricably linked to its management, as those responsible for execution must not only understand the objectives but also be cognizant of the importance of successful completion to the organisation. If team-members do not believe in the importance or need of the project, they will hardly be in a position to convince neither sponsors nor beneficiaries.


No matter how small the team, the designation of a Project Manager is fundamental given the need to control and co-ordinate all aspects of the project. It is the Manager who must constantly evaluate all plans, monitoring progress and risks regarding the reality on the ground.


Whether the Manager is full-time staff or external, it is she/he who will always be best placed to resolve conflicts and answer to all stakeholders (Executors, Beneficiaries, donor, service providers, media) as well as to permanently monitor project quality, benchmarks, and products.


The very labyrinth of forms and reporting obligations required by national and international funds is often enough to force many institutions to abstain from applying for financing which, in other circumstances, may well represent a paradigm change for them. Much of the funding made available worldwide goes idle for this reason.


We offer consulting services for the whole of the Project cycle, as well as for any individual parts of it. Our experience in this field allows us to guarantee a continuous flow of information as well as the timely achievement of objectives and delivery of products with a well-defined exit strategy.